Wedding Dance Lessons


Start your life together out on the right foot. Our wedding dance programs are designed to help you dance together with ease and comfort, regardless of your level of dance experience. Learn the secrets of leading and following, and discover how easy dancing can be including turns and dips.

We will custom fit your package to optimize your budget, time-frame, talents and abilities. We will even help you choose your song if you haven’t already! 🙂

Depending on the clients wishes we can be available to provide services to you and your family on your special day from a Pre-First Dance Warm-up to an exciting Group Lesson for your family and friends!


We encourage one and all to dance YOUR dance, at Dance Your Freedom Studios!!

  • Are you shy or a spotlight junkie?
  • Do you have two-left feet and dreading your moment of fame?
  • Are you a beginner desiring some cool tricks and fun moves to impress your family or friends?

Are you an experienced dancer wanting to take it up a notch and give the performance of your lifetime?

  • Or maybe you want simply to connect with more ease and flow with your spouse!

No matter the circumstance, our studio is equipped to provide you will the necessary tools to make your first dance one that is guaranteed to be memorable and enjoyable despite your ever-pressing nerves!

We recommend starting your wedding lessons at least 2 – 3 months before your wedding day, but are happy to help you with last-minute preparations as well!

Contact us at (250) 886-4599 to find out more about how we can help.

Wedding Lessons Rates:

Single Wedding Lesson = $95.00

Ideal for couples who are not looking for choreography, have a limited amount of time and will not be able to fit in a wedding preparation package into their schedule, or for couples who want to add on additional lessons to a package. (Priced per couple.)


3 Pack – Private Lesson Package = $275.00

Intended for couples who are comfortable on the dance floor, and who are primarily looking for a tool box of go to easy to remember moves and transitions that fit their chosen song. These lessons will have you looking and feeling like you have been dancing for months. Private lessons are the way to go. Most couples at this point choose our 3 private lesson package. (Priced per couple.)


8 Pack – Private Lesson Package = $700.00

Ideal for couples with little to no dance experience. Basic technique principles will be applied to your custom choreography so that you can relax and enjoy your first dance. The goal is for you to look so natural on the dance floor that no one will think you have had lessons. (Priced per couple.)