Private Lessons= Single $ 55.00 Couples $ 85.00

Private lessons offer one-on-one attention, which allows an individual or a couple to learn at a pace that is more suitable to their needs. Individual attention ensures the most rapid and thorough learning process. In addition, private lessons are also far easier to manage for those with demanding schedules. We offer private instruction in all styles of partner dancing and at all levels. 

For 1 Person                                                                                                For 2 People

3 Private Lesson Package = $150.00                                        3 Private Lesson Package  = $210.00

5 Private Lesson Package = $225.00                                        5 Private Lesson Package  = $325.00                      

10 Private Lesson Package = $400.00                                     10 Private Lesson Package = $600.00


Wedding Lessons


Single Wedding Lesson = $95.00

Ideal for couples who are not looking for choreography, have a limited amount of time and will not be able to fit in a wedding preparation package into their schedule, or for couples who want to add on additional lessons to a package. Priced per couple. 

3 Pack - Private Lesson Package = $275.00

Intended for couples who are comfortable on the dance floor, and who are primarily looking for choreography for their first dance. Private lessons are the way to go. Most couples at this point choose our 3 private lesson package. Priced per couple.  

8 Pack - Private Lesson Package = $700.00

Ideal for couples with little to no dance experience. Basic technique principles will be applied to your custom choreography so that you can relax and enjoy your first dance. The goal is for you to look so natural on the dance floor that no one will think you have had lessons. Priced per couple.  

If you need more information please contact us at 250 886-4599