Blues Classes

** Please note all Blues and Fusion teachings are being offered on a “Workshop on demand” format and Group Blues Classes are on a hiatus.

**Private Lessons and Wedding Lessons are still being offered** 

(If you need more information please contact us at 250 886-4599)

Blues Fundamentals Series

Do you know the Funky Butt, Mess-around, Fish-tails?

Come on out and learn some traditional blues movements and the essential skills for dancing Blues!! This monthly skills building series will focus on some of the base movements that can be danced with the soulful rhythms of blues music! These expressive ideas can benefit all your current dance styles and you will learn new material every month! Blues Dancing emphasizes individual expression and improvisation, partner interaction, and musical interpretation. What are you waiting for? Sign up and get connected!

Essential Skills and Tricks for Fusion Dancing

This is an “Upper Level” Skills Workshop. We will teach you how to dance to several different genres of music including Blues, Pop, Electronic, Hip Hop and more. Learn to incorporate movements that include techniques from Blues, Lyrical, Argentine Tango, Partnered Electronica, Tai-Chi, Contact Improv, and Hip Hop. Some of the topics will include: Connection with yourself, your partner, your environment and the music. Learning about grounding, creating lines, ergonomic posture, tone matching, breathing techniques, counterbalance and musicality, and much more!! You will learn “upper level” skills and tricks to improve your confidence, level of trust, and how to make every dance you have amazing!

No reservations are required to attend group classes, though we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early the first time you attend class at the studio so that you will have time to complete the  Student Registration Form and get checked in to class. (We typically have a lot of people checking in the for class at the same time, and this will help to ensure you are not late to class. Classes are 55 mins.

If you need more information please contact us at 250 886-4599

Amica and I at KMLBX 2011